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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by BFuller, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. BFuller

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    Over the past 19 years I've done approximately 18,000-20,000 sq. ft. of pavers. Not a lot in that time, but enough that I know what I'm doing.

    I'm currently bidding a commercial project and the pattern spec'd by the architect has 2 pavers of the same color (different sizes) and a 3rd paver of a different color. The 3rd paver color is darker than the other and will form a type of "grid" through the other 2 pavers. The grid will go from the middle of the paver area, outward at a 45 degree angle to the other pavers and terminating at the outside perimeter.

    Since doing a "grid" at a 45 degree angle to the pattern is new to me my questions are:

    1 - Do I lay the grid pavers first and then cut to them with the main pavers?
    2 - I'm wondering how to go about doing this grid efficiently and effectively while keeping my sand in tact. I like to only screed enough sand to work with each day.
    3 - It looks like I'll have to account for a lot more cutting with this "grid" in place.

    By the way, the total square footage for the area is 1850 sq. ft. and will be surrounded entirely by concrete, either building foundations or sidewalks so no edge restraint.

    Any thoughts and feedback is much appreciated.
  2. sven1277

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    So what you're saying is there are two distinct patterns overlaying each other? If thats the case, lay the main pattern first. Then snap lines for the intersecting "grid" pattern. It will be easier to cut in place with a cutoff saw. Then remove the waste and drop in the darker color pavers.
  3. BFuller

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    Thanks for the reply, Sven. I think that sounds like a pretty efficient way of going about it, actually.

    Here is a picture of the plan itself.

    The "grid" (shown as a white border on the inside and then moving to the perimeter in a perpendicular and angular fashion) separates the more detailed inside area from the outside area. However, the inside area is actually just smaller pavers of the same color as the square pavers. There is also an outside perimeter in the same color as the "grid."

    Any other thoughts?

    Paver Pattern.jpg
  4. promower

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    Like sven said snap a line. thats pretty much how we do it, we lay the main field put any pavers that are inlayed like that right on top of the other pavers, trace a line, cut, install the inlay. Quick and easy
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  5. alexschultz1

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    I have always wanted to do a job like this. How would u cut the pavers, with a handheld wet saw or a table saw?
  6. BFuller

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    Thanks for the replies.

    As far as what saw to use, it comes down to personal preference but we've always used table saws. There more accurate and stable for a perfect cut every time!

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