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Paver question

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I'm doing my first paver job... at my own home... figure it is the best place for the hands on learning part. I want to do the project in my spare time... maybe a couple hours a day. I already have the base finished and compacted, and I'm ready to screed my 1" sand base to set the pavers on. My question is this, can I put my sand base on a portion of of the patio, lay around 100 ft. sq. of pavers, and then pick back up the next evening, and once I have all the pavers layed (about 575 sq ft. including walkway), then brush my poly sand in and tamp (maybe over a 4-5 day period)? I could work from one side of the patio to the other, and leave my inside screed support in place to give me a good reference point to work from. Is this an acceptable way to proceed and still get a quality finished surface?
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you need to finish what you screed same day.
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