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Paver question

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I'm doing my first paver job... at my own home... figure it is the best place for the hands on learning part. I want to do the project in my spare time... maybe a couple hours a day. I already have the base finished and compacted, and I'm ready to screed my 1" sand base to set the pavers on. My question is this, can I put my sand base on a portion of of the patio, lay around 100 ft. sq. of pavers, and then pick back up the next evening, and once I have all the pavers layed (about 575 sq ft. including walkway), then brush my poly sand in and tamp (maybe over a 4-5 day period)? I could work from one side of the patio to the other, and leave my inside screed support in place to give me a good reference point to work from. Is this an acceptable way to proceed and still get a quality finished surface?
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Screed about a foot past what you can lay in a day. Pull your screed rails past the section you are going to lay, fill in the voids and lay your pavers. Next time you lay, dump sand screen and move your rails again. Only thing you have to watch out for is to not step on the unfinished eges or else they will toe on you.
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