Paver repair jobs.


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Do many of you do repair jobs for paver patios or walkways? I am in the middle of one now that has turned out to be a royal PITA. I am charging the customer by the hour and it will end up being over my estimated time by a few hours.
I hate to turn down jobs because they can lead to others, but I understand why a lot of guys turn repair jobs down.


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Washington, NJ
I do repair jobs all the time, it is a good way to make afternoon or weekend money when not working at a complete design. Many guys from my area have no clue how to prepare the base and I have seen things that you would never believe ie. 2x4's to hold a patio in place. If you are good it is a quick and easy way to make a good deal, I usually don't work by the hour, but am pretty proficient in estimating the jobs, If I can help you out let me know.

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