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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by gqnine44, Aug 22, 2006.

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    I am working on a paver repair job and I would like a little advice if you dont mind.

    The current paver patio was built on top of an existing concrete patio. Because of a pipe leak under the old patio some pavers had to be torn up as well as a section of the old concrete patio (about a foot wide). There is a layer of sand under the pavers that were left undisturbed.

    I plan to fill the void where the concrete used to be with compacted b-19 and then add sand. My question much sand? I know new construction is 1" of sand but there is only around 1/2" under the undisturbed pavers that I need to match up to. Do I just make them level with the existing pavers or do I leave them higher to allow for settling? Should I mess with Paverbond or anything else or should I just use regular paver sand?

    Any tips and or advice on the best way to put this patio back correctly would be greatly appreciated.

  2. gqnine44

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    No one knows the right way to do this? :confused:
  3. Kizzelwhix

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    I would just put my base down, compact it and put the full 1 " of sand required and bring it about 1/16th above the existing patio, then compact flush...

    Although the ideal thing to do would be rip the entire thing up, removing the concrete base and installing a fresh paver patio...
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    I agree with kizzel. But since thats not the way it appears to be going be sure to go wider than you think you need to removing paver and resanding, you're bound to have sand vibrate out of all sorts of places while compacting your base.

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