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    i can def. understand wanting to have a gas model for the breaker situation. i can see where you would be sitting dead in the water with out power, but what would be wrong with just having a decent generator? seems like you could use that in more situations than the dedicated paver saw. like those late night lights or weekend football games on the radio.
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    1. You still have to buy a paver saw.
    2. Now you have 2 pieces of equipment to purchase and move when you want to use your saw.
    3. To run a decent size paver/block saw you will need at least a 5,000 watt generator, which isn't the easiest or lightest thing to move.
    4. With the electric saw you still have the risk of tripping the internal thermal breaker, and the down time of waiting for the engine to cool.

    Spend the money, get the gas model, don't look back.

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    i don't know. i guess you could go either way with that one. i can see your point with two pieces of equipment, but there are down sides to the gas version also. do they have clutches on them, or does the blade run the whole time the motor is running? if that is the case, i can see that as a big safety concern if you have a blade running 3,000rpms non stop or having to turn the motor on and off so much would get agravating. then two, yes you are moving two pieces of equipment, but that second piece has other uses out side of cutting pavers. i am not trying to win an argument, just trying to weigh both sides.
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    Can't speak to the benefits to gas over a power saw and these gents would know better than I as far as the best tool for the everyday user but I can tell you what I used for this job.

    Not knowing any better I started out using a skill saw on both pavers and rock. Didn't take long to wear that motor smooth out but not before I wore through two 12" diamond blades.
    I then went to Lowe's and picked up the cheapest chop saw that they had. No 18" blade spent on pavers. One 18" blade (still good) for the rock walls and the cap rock.

    For me, a chop saw was the only thing that I could use and get my cuts right. The cap rock was still too wide for just one cut.
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    We've had a 14" EDCO for about 10 years, replaced the motor after 6. When we started doing more walls we added a 20" "Saw Devil"?? Both are great machines.The 20" was a friggin' beast, you needed a skid steer just to move it around site. With the 20" you could cut 8" block in 1 cut. The 14" took 2 cuts to get through a 6" Pisa II.

    As far as your concern about it running constantly; we found it most efficient to have 2 guys cutting(ea. guy mark 2-cut 2), the saw would run a couple hours at a time, open throttle, almost constant use. If saw was further away, mark more-cut more per trip and throttle down while away from the saw.

    Gas or Electric w/gen. Both will need noisy gas engines to run them. Seems a PITA to me to drag a gen. around also.
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