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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by castle555, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Has anyone used a high gloss wetlook sealer over penetrating and stone color enhancers? Such as a High Gloss laquer, or one like 'White Mountain' W1-02 – Wet Look OX™ – Original Formula; Will they bond to the fresh earlier sealer application if also oil based?

    Any comments on experience or ideas with this ?
    Want to know about compatibility of the products (Laquer over Stone sealer and enhancer) and longevity of the finish. I told my customer that the laquer might work (have to check it out), and would be very expensive, and not an even gloss due to the pavers rough and different textures, and that it would be very difficult to restore if laquered (have to sandblast, or use expensive strippers) while the stone sealer would be easy to reapply in the future.

    Currently doing a Pavestone patio restorative project where I've cleaned and pressure washed the surface, then scrubbed with 'Green Clean' and Pressure washed again. I used two oil-based type penetrating stone color enhancers and sealers on the same job.
    The two products were both nearly identical in their performance.
    One was 'Miracle' Stone Enhancer and Sealer (which I've used on some of my waterfall and pool stonework, and 'Glaze n Seal' stone color enhancer and sealer. The color is really dark, and and it totally repels the water.

    Also some comment on paver joint sand I'm leaning toward poly- supersand because with the pavers sealed it will be very easy to brush and wash in, better than when they are dry and unsealed, and this job is a fix for an old project I did not originally construct.
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    Call the manufacturer. I would be very careful it sounds like you have a lot of product already on the pavers and the film producing gloss will not adhere very well
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