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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by wesconson, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. wesconson

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    I installed this paver patio this week and was wondering if someone could help me out with installing stairs. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to install these. The ledge is approximately 18" above the pavers. Is there a problem setting the stone directly on the existing pavers for the stairs using adhesive to hold them in place? What do you do against the house if you put a gravel base under the stairs? Let me know what the typical installation is. Thanks.

  2. neighborguy

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    Typically I would install the steps first and then build the pavers up to them. I have never done what you are proposing.
  3. LawnSite Member
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    You should have started w/ the step, I'd pull out the pavers where the step is to go, set the bottom step and cut the pavers to fit around the step.
  4. Bru75

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    You got ahead of yourself. Follow b.o.s. man's suggestion.
  5. wesconson

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    So after I remove the stones under the area of the stairs, what would be the next step? What I had in mind is to put down the first step. This would involve putting down basically a border of pavers along the house (to keep the gravel away from the house and siding) and to form the shape of the stair. Then fill that with gravel and compact. After compacting add the top platform. Is it better to make the base completely out of block or is gravel the recommended base for this? Thank you for the suggestions already.
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    What material are you using for the steps... uni-lock, versa-lok, cinder block? I've always filled the area inside the steps with compaction gravel, I've never used pavers against the house or block under the steps.
  7. Danscapes

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    You need to pour concrete and glue the pavers to it (which hopefully you already knew). Secondly you need to subtract the thickness of you pavers from the over all rise of your steps. 7 inches is a good rise, so you need your concrete to be 4 3/4" thick for each step if your using pavers that are 2 1/4" thick. As far as your treads go, 10"-12" is normal but remember to allow for a 1/2" over hang of you pavers, I think that looks the best. And as always, measure 8 times and pour once. Oh and drill a couple of holes in the foundation so you can strengthen the steps with rebar. Here is a pic to use as an example.

  8. GMTA

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    - Danscapes - looks nice but I am not a fan of using pavers over concrete in step installations (aesthetically that is).
    - Before ripping out the pavers where the new steps will be, which I recommend 3 steps with 6" rise due to your 18" height, I would lay your 1st step block out and trace the front of the block onto the pavers to give you all of your cut pieces marked. (this will save a lot of time and your cut lines will be perfect.)
    - Also I think rounded steps would look best with the curves of your patio. Looks nice!
  9. Shane472

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    Since when was that the only way to do it :confused:

    That may be your method but I'd sooner build the steps using unilock or allan block than glue pavers to concrete.
  10. AztlanLC

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    Oh man that reminds me of an ugly job we did using pavers as treads man I hate those spacer bars showing.
    Also in the first picture it looks like you forget to screed the sand away at the edge of the pavers either that of that edge restrain is nice and high.

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