Paver stone driveway base Right or Wrong

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by kingcire, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. kingcire

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    I have a driveway and was wondering if this would be a suitable way to get a sturdy paver stone foundation. I know it’s not the preferred or right way to do it, but was hoping it would be close in durability. I live in Louisiana so the original driveway slab has sunken about a foot or so below the house and carport. So I ordered some tough dirt/clay/rock mixture to fill all around the house an over the old driveway.

    Let me know if this is a bad idea and list some reasons why this would fail or if you think this had a good chance at lasting.

  2. bigviclbi

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    If you are trying to save $$$ just get some crushed concrete instead. You don't want clay its the worst subsoil.
  3. Rex Mann

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    Don't guys use stabalized base in your area?
    If so, use that over your sunken driveway.
    Stay away from the clay material, it holds water like a sponge, which is not good to build on.
    Crushed or fractured angular with good gradation will work, too.
    1 to 3/4 inch largest down to dust is preferred. Also, woven is the way
    to go on the geo textile not spun or punched.

    Best of luck.




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  4. kingcire

    kingcire LawnSite Member
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    I realized that clay was a bad move later on after it was layed down which is why i was hoping by placing 2 sheets of nonwoven geotextile fabric over the clay/dirt would keep it dry and away from water. Would that Geotextile make it a better base. I do not think i have the resouces to remove all that dirt and place down a diffrent base material.
  5. 2low4NH

    2low4NH LawnSite Bronze Member
    from NH
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    rent a bobcat and find a low spot in your property. laying loam over clay isnt that bad. laying pavers/brick/stone over clay is a big no no. hard pack is a great way to go which is crushed stone/stone dust mix it works great. i dont think the fabric is going to help you much in this situation.
  6. kingcire

    kingcire LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for your advice. I wish i would have found this website before i put in a bunch of work on this project.

    I just realized the nonwoven textile still allows water to pass though it. I was wondering if i got a material that was just as strong but did not allow water to pass though it would keep the clay strong as a rock and durable enough for pavers?

    Or would just laying concrete over it be better?
  7. cmatheny

    cmatheny LawnSite Member
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    One question I would have is if the problem was because the original driveway was sunken, how sure are you the it will not settle further!! I know if would have been more work and expense, but I would have recommended taking out the concrete and using a jumping jack to compact the base before I started doing anything else.
  8. ALLPro Landscaping

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    I dont know the situation much, But I believe the driveway was of concrete, if the base was done right in the first place most of the time they don't settle that much, their are a lot of factors to take in to account here, if you are going to do this now, do it right, or a few years down the road you will have the same settling problem. Remember paving stones, if the base and edge restraints are not done right, you will whined up with one big waist of time and money. Also if you can try and take that slab out of the equation do it, that concrete will trap water and not allow it to drain properly, if you do the work yourself you can save a lot of money, by renting equipment.

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