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    Hi guy's

    I have to bid on a paver stone walkway.I have to dig down about 6 in it is 60 ft L and 3 ft W.. I will need about 1,100 paver stone
    and about 2 ton of rock and sand. I can get the paver stone for
    $1.10 per paver and the rock is $12.00 a ton & sand is $18.00 a ton for the paver it will be $1,210 and $36.00 for the rock & and
    $54.00 for the sand. that would be $1,300 do i X it buy 2 . Or do i charge by the hour to

    thank you
  2. Randy Scott

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    That should be close enough.
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    when doing paver stones you should be charing by the Square ft plus the cost of the the $10 a sq ft i include base material, and backhoe time but not carting. So you price to the customer will be 1800+1210=3010 installed

  4. Tim Canavan

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    I'm at 12.00 psf for paver installation. That includes everything.
  5. landscapingpoolguy

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    is everything including the cost of the paver also?


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  7. Rex Mann

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    What size pavers are you using, and are they tumbled or generation 1?

    In your area, freeze-thaw conditions, you should be taking out a minumum 7 1/2 inches of soil. 4-inches of compacted aggregate, 1-inch of concrete sand, and 2 -3/8-inches for the paver.

    You need to overdig your area of the walkway. The overdig should be the same as the base thickness. In your case 4-inches if overdig on each side of your walkway.

    Rule-of-thumb on base. 1-ton will cover 50-55 square feet 4-inches thick.

    1-ton of sand will cover approximately 150 square feet 1-inch thick.

    Plus you'll have almost 7 yards of soil to export.

    Never charge by the square foot.

    Come up with your costs for each job.

    Here's why....2 people call and want a bid on a retainin wll 200 sqaure face feet, lenght of wall X height of wall. You charge $30.00 a SFF.

    One wall is 200 feet long by 1-foot high.

    One wall is 70 feet long by 2 3/4 feet high.

    Get the picture. No two jobs are excactly the same.



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