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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by A1 Lawn@Landscapes, Mar 30, 2003.

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    A customer wants a walkway that will be about 60 feet long and rises about 10 feet over that distance. They do not want stairs, but a continuous walkway. I have never done anything other than a reasonably flat walkway/patio. Is this possible to do with an irregular of the slope?
  2. AGLA

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    That is very steep. Is there room to meander up the slope? If you do that, you can make the walkway longer and not so steep. You will have to do some grading and replanting around the edges if you do that.

    That would be very steep for a driveway, let alone a walkway.

    Good luck
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    Based on your estimate of a drop of 10 feet over a distance of 60 feet, I would check with the township or city and ask them what is the code for fall per running feet. I think u will find your answer their. Like AGLA said, your best bet is to contour your path into the hill side in an attempt to meet code. If they client does not want steps, then design your pathway to match their request, include in your design the planting beds to out line their path , bring them more value and you more dollars in the job.
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    If you're > 8 1/3% then you have to have a handrail. Also if you exceed this slope, you must also have a few "landings" where a chair could come to a stop. I think the max is 30 ', but definately check w/ your township engineer - they'll have all of the answers.
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    You are supposed to be the professional. A good landscaper will tell their customers what they need. A typical walkway grade should be minimum 2% or about 1/4" rise or fall per foot. I would highly suggest you try to convince them otherwise. Just try to walk up or down that path with ice on it and you will see what I'm saying. They'll end up on their fanny:dizzy:
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    the code here
    is 1' in 12' for a maximum of 27' then there is a required rest area of 6' at 2% slope,

    this is the requirement for handicapped wheelchair ramps here.

    can you put a return into the walk or as others have said try to gain some more RUN to offsett the RISE

    walking up this type of ramp is fatiquing

    just my opinion

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