Paver Walkway weeds!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lawnboy852, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Is there any way to deal with paver walk ways and the weeds that are constantly springing up in the cracks?! I have a customer who has asked me to take care of it, but they are convinced that a shot of roundup would give their kids brain damage and poison their pets. In the interest of time, I have been kind of "sweeping" the walkway with an angled string trimmer, takes the weeds down level but eats up trimmer line, and the weeds grow back.

    Just wondering what you all do

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    propane torch. Afterward, the joints need to be filled with that sand containing the impervious binding agent.
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    power wash the weeds out, then fill joints with polymeric sand - sweep and compact it in, then lightly water to activate the polymer. Let dry 24 hours, no more weeds
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    thanks for the input guys, but the problem actually took care of itself for the most part. with the recent heat wave, nothing is really alive any more, especially not the weeds growing inbetween dark red pavers!

    I tell you weeds are sneaky little SOB's though.
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    This is the correct answer

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