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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by dave732, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. dave732

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    This has probably been asked a million times, but please bear with me. I wanted to build my own paver walkway. (4' wide by about 50-60' long and curving).Wanted to know what are the best pavers out there. Also there is a slope in my yard of approximately 3-4' from top to bottom. Should I add a step or is this not going to be too steep. Thanks
  2. dave732

    dave732 LawnSite Member
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    C'mon there are no experts out there to help me. Just need a little input.
  3. fishinpa

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    Being you got no responce in a week I'd try posting in the HardScaping forum.
  4. Rtom45

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    hey fishinpa
    I assume you do a lot of fishing. Whereabouts do you fish and what do you fish for? Do you watch or post on any of the PA. fishing sites?
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    I built a patio and walk 3 years ago and Cambridge pavers were the best I could find, IMO, and I'd do it again. I also live in NJ and with a 732 area code, in case you want to come look.
  6. GreenMonster

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    There are lots of good pavers out there. Belgard, bolduc, Techo. Cambridge are fine, I believe they're out of NJ. Lots of guys in PA/NJ talk about E.P. Henry, although they're not up up here.

    3-4' drop I would definately add some steps. You could use granite, natural stone, or build them out of matching wallstone. Normal step riser is 7.5", so you might want to add up to as many as 6 or 7. All depends on the layout. Read the mfg install instructions and build your base right. If that isn't right. It'll all look like sh!t in a few years, if that long.

    Browse thru the hardscape forum if you want to learn more on installation.
  7. fishinpa

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    Sorry... My last name is Fischer.
  8. dave732

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    Hey Larry, Where did you go to buy your pavers and other materials?
  9. Dreams To Designs

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    Dave, what part of the state are you in? There are many excellent dealers of hardscaping products all over the state. Techo-Bloc, Unilock, Ep Henry and Cambridge are just a few of the pavers available in NJ. You should go look at the samples and decide what shape, style and color you like. many of the manufacturers also offer DIY manuals. With the drop you are talking about, steps should be part of your plan. That would be an awfully steep walkway without them, but grade is very deceiving. You may also enlist the assistance of a landscape designer for a consultation to advise you. The can help you lay out the project , recommend product and dealers and maybe even be available for consultation as you build.

  10. LarryF

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    Clayton sells them, and since I live in Monmouth County, I went to the one in Freehold. I also used Clayton blocks for the retaining walls.

    You can find all of the NJ Cambridge dealers at the web site

    That site also has some good freebies such as software and pictures of completed projects. They weren't there when I designed my patio, but now that I browsed through them, I think they could have been helpful.

    Good luck.

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