Pavers and New Swimming Pool ?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by XXL Hardscaper, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. XXL Hardscaper

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    What experiences have you guys had with this? What process did you use for filling the plumbing and electrical trenches? What did you do with all the excess soil the pool company left for you?
  2. YardPro

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    fill the excavated areas with base material... if you have sandy soils you can use sand, then supersaturate and use a concrete vibrator if the hole is really deep. but you never want to fill with clay, soils etc...

    either have the soil hualed off or use it to build a ultra cool waterfall return into the pool.
  3. Squizzy246B

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    We do lots. I have found the best way is to get involved right at the start so you have some input..or control to the situation. Then its often a matter of manning the wheel barrows and skid steer to get rid of the crap and bring in some clean sand...followed by liberal wetting down (as mentioned) and the jumping jack or the platey. Where we are also doing the pool excavation we clean out about 6" deep/excess around the pool paving area at the start of the excavation and then we only have to bring the clean back in after the pool is built.

    It needs to be well compacted. I see way too many pools with sagging paving around the edges....I mean how hard is it really. You just have to point out to the client that time and materials for the prep will depend on the conditions the pool installer left the site in.

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