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Pavers for a driveway?

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I have a Long driveway that is about 8,000 sqf. Actually there is nothing there yet but dirt. I want to use pavers and wanted to know what you put under the pavers for you base and if the base is expensive
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12" of 23A stone mix compacted every few inches. 1" of 2NS sand screeded. Don't forget to use poly Techniseal sand in the joints and a good solid edging. We use BEAST from UNILOCK, some people like using concrete.
We do the same for driveways 12" base compacted in 2 inch lifts, we rent a much bigger compactor for driveway paver jobs. I dnot use concrete for edging but if you do get the geotextile coming up the side in between the pavers & the poured edge so if the concrete cracks the sand/aggregate doesnt escape thru the gap
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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