pavers vs stamped concrete

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by turbo5560, Jul 6, 2011.

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    i have heard that stamped concrete is both cheaper and a better long term solution over pavers. is this true? I don't do much paver work, but i have a job that is about 30' x 10' patio and want to know what is the best.
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    I have a client where she had an old 400 foot concrete sidewalk from the early 1900's. Originally she wanted stamped concrete, and I did everything I could to talk her into pavers.

    Due to the history of the property, I got what I wanted and installed clay pavers. My argument was that you can't fix concrete once it's broken.

    After the install, she couldn't be happier and was glad I talked her into doing pavers.

    Flash forward 4 years. Just recently, they had a dead elm on the property. The husband is a conservative fellow and does most of the "other" work around the property. So ultimately he dropped the tree and miscalculated where it would land. One big branch hit the sidewalk and put a 1' X 1' divot, 1/4" deep in my sidewalk and broke one paver. Left alone the divot would have probably been acceptable, but the wife wants me to now fix it, which I can, and is still telling me she is glad that she went with pavers.

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    I agree with WG. ... and stamped concrete is usually quite slippery. ... even with addatives.

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