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  1. John Deere

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    Do any of you use a concrete base to set your pavers in? We have used sand in the past.
  2. Stonehenge

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    For a more durable, longer lasting base you should try crushed stone. Concrete isn't great, but can be done. Just expect heaving cracks just like you get with slabs of concrete.

    But read this thread first. It's an oldie but goodie
  3. BRL

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    Put some ear plugs in before you read that one. So much good info in there your brain might start oozing out. One of the best threads I've ever read here, I had it saved in my favorites. Once again, thanks to all for sharing all of the info.
  4. double e

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    For pavers you should get down to compactable soil first ( no biodegradable) add crush n run at least 4" then a base of Concrete sand to lay them. You want to make pavers made to move with weather.

    As far as concrete- I'm not sure- will cost a lot more
    Make sure its set on slope for proper water run off.
    Me personally wouldn't try it
  5. paul

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    We set pavers on concrete for high trafic areas, many streetscapes require this. Most of the time it's for crossings in roads or intersctions. There are a whole set of specifcations for this type of work check with your paver manufactures. You could also go to the Unilock site and order their installtion package.

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