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  1. CT18fireman

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    Does anyone know information on the pavers that are sold by Home Depot. I got a call today regarding a job where a homeowner thought that he could do the work. After ordering pavers from Home Depot he decided that he could not do the job. He is interested in me doing the work. I have always used pavers from a local supplier where I know the quality and can factor a gurantee into my work. Are pavers sold by Home Depot of the same quality? Do they offer some sort of assurance on this? Thanks
  2. Lanelle

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    I'm not sure that Home Depot uses the same suppliers from one region to another. In this area I'm fairly certain that the pavers come from Belgard/Old Castle. You can probably tell by going to HD and looking and asking that department manager.
  3. Guido

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    Like Lannele said, take a run to home depot and grab a shipping tag off of one of the palletes and that should tell you. If not I guess you can try asking one of their know all sales people! :)

    My solution would be to put in the contract that you will only guarantee your work, not the materials since you had no choice in the matter. That should cover your butt.

    Good Luck!
  4. SCL

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    To me its the same as buying their own plants and wanting you to plant them. Remember that you are losing the revenue of the markup of not selling your product to them and factor that into your price. And I personally wouldn't guarantee a darn thing, though I would still do a quality install.
  5. BRL

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    The thing that I've heard about HD etc. is that their low prices are attributed to buying huge volumes of products, and in order for manufacturers to provide that pricing, they provide their lower quality version. Not sure if this would also apply to pavers that they are selling. I did an install for a good friend using pavers from Lowe's because they had a color they really wanted that I couldn't match at my suppliers. I didn't notice any problems with them and they are still fine after 2 years now, for what that may be worth.
  6. Craig Turf Management

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    If you think that the Home Depot pavers are an inferior product, and you are not comfortable installing them, have your client return them and use the material that you would normally install. I worked at Depot, and they have a no hassle return policy. I've returned numerous items without having a receipt. Just an idea.
    Bil Craig
  7. steveair

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    The story with home depot here in northern jersey is that they carry a decent brand of pavers.

    Most of the HD's carry a brand called Grinnel. The factory is about 5 miles from my house, and every morning I pass truck after truck loaded with pavers heading out to supply the stores.

    I do not use Grinnel pavers any more, but I use to all the time. They are a good product. Not the best, but they are good. What I have noticed, however, is that over the years, they tend to have a few more inperfectios than they use to. I think Grinnel has taking more of a mass production type approach when they started selling to them, and don't have quite the quality standards that they did in the past.

    Either way, the pavers are not 'garbage', as a lot of contractors still buy them direct from the factory and other stone yards. As for price, I find home depot is about 30 cents more per sq foot than a local supply yard. One neat bit of info though is that home depot will deliver for free if you order over 6 pallets of pavers. That, helps to almost even out the price difference if you have to pay for delivery at other suppliers.

    I would investigate the brand of pavers that your HD's sell. They could be grinnel, or maybe belgard/new castle. Again, belgard's are decent products and I would have no problems installing them either.

  8. CHC

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    Interestingly enough, the HD in this area has some of the EP Henry pavers in the store. The other brands were not marked.
  9. Andrew Hardscape

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    :blob2: I know for a fact the pavers sold at Home Depot are manufactured by Balcon. Belgard Pavers are manufactured by Balcon as well. There is NO difference. Old Castle went with the Belgard name to differiate the retail store pavers from the dealer suppliers. There is NO difference in quality.

    In fact Balcon/Belgard is one of the only manufactures who have an ingredient in their pavers which "******" the fading process.
  10. CT18fireman

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    The Pavers here at HD are by Grinnel. I noticed that they had a few imperfections. I am not worried about the install on whether they will hold up over time.

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