Paving over a septic cover

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by lbmd1, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Don'y know if anyone has any helpful hints or has done this before. In the midst of excavating for a patio to be put in, we found a septic cover in the dead center of where the patio is be laid, It has a small 12" cover opening that must be accessed for yearly\biyearly pumping. The cover will be about
    8" below the actual paver level. I was thinking about a permanent firepit as an alternative to cover it and not laying pavers over that section. I'd rather not have to remove the pavers each year as it will never line up too perfectly over all the years of removal and replacement. Any other ideas? Thanks!

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    Convenient that you found it. I mean would have been nice to know it was there originally. You just turned a simple patio into a real project. We just came across something similar. Except we knew about it, and where allowed to test dig to figure out the approach. What we found was that the contractor 15 years ago dumped whatever he had around to raise the grade. The homeowner couldnt figure out why both paver walks they had installed in that time period failed. Basically we rerouted the path to go around the tank and we had to overdig several feet to good ground. What could have been an in and out walk turned into a huge excavation project. The supplier I used thought I was crazy when I told him we installed 30+" for base. It wasnt cheap, but it wont ever move.

    Anyways my point is that if you plan it properly you wont ever have to worry about it again. Firepit is OK, but not everyone likes them, and I'd worry about any plastic near the system. Could always do a box with a hatch. That has been shown on here before. My idea would be to have a multi tier planter box with removable planter sections made of something nice like cedar. One person could remove the plants and box and have it pumped and back together easily with no disruption to the stone.
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    Could you create a type of small bench next to the firepit?

    It could be hinged and allow the homeowner to access the opening.
  4. Outdoors_Unlimited

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    I did a job this spring around a tank. It was sod going over the tank, but the homeowner told me he had his tank pumped twice a year.

    I put irrigation valve boxes over the lids, and now he just has to lift the two lids, and he has access to his tank. No more digging twice a year. Has worked great in my application.
  5. lbmd1

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    Excellent idea on the irrigation valve box!!!!!! That would work out perfectly. Thanks very much for the idea.

  6. Stillwater

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    I realise this is an old thred but this is what I do, Raise the cap to the appropreate level top of bed sand minus the thickness of the pavers your useing, grade poor and level concrete around it. bulid patio as normal, go back and cut out pavers that are over the cap in a approiate shape to your pattern, take a piece of concrete board apply "outdoor" thin set and assemble the cut out bricks exactly as they were cut out. replace the cover/patch. then BAM you have a access door to the septic pump out, seamless cannot be seen.

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