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  1. tthomass

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    My property is a 1/4 mile off the road and I'm entertaining the idea of asphalt. I have seen asphalt equipment for sale and was thinking I could purchase the paver, use it and then sell it. I've watched someone use one, its pretty simple and I could get the hang of it pretty quick. I'm not doing a parking lot, its a straight shot. Dump and pave. If I pay $10k-$15k for this machine and sell it for that, or even 50-75% of that, I'm saving substantial money. I haven't gotten a quote yet but....

    1/4 mile = 1,320 feet

    @4" = 195 tons + compaction maybe we'll be around 250 tons

    250 tons X $45 ton = $11,250

    + some other work I'll do, I'm looking at $25k covering this adventure and then selling the machine to recoup some cash. I would guess paying someone to do this will come in around $50k.

    Why not?
  2. Gravel Rat

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    Paving is not as easy as it looks you could be out alot of money if something doesn't go right. Where are you going to get a asphalt supply ?

    Around here the paving company owns the asphalt plant you can't buy asphalt and spread it yourself.
  3. Bleed Green

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    Would putting down a gravel drive be an option? It would be cheaper I would think and you would not have to worry about trying to sell the paving equipment in this economy. Just my thoughts, but it sounds like an expensive experiment job.
  4. tthomass

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    I don't care about getting money back out of the machine. If I sell it for 1/2 what I negotiate, thats fine. I'll guy a good one cheap and ask even'll move. But, this is not a concern. I'll sit on the machine for a while if I have to.

    Anybody with a dump truck can buy asphalt. The plant isn't the only company that does paving. Pacing companies have to buy their asphalt or have it hauled in. I will not be moving asphalt with my trucks, I'll pay someone to haul it for me. I know the manager of a plant anyway and can get a better price.

    Current driveway is compacted 21A. I put down 400 tons.
  5. 93turbo

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    Around here the last time I heard a quote it was $110 for 10 sq ft. so a 1320ft driveway 10ft wide would be $145200 That seems a little steep so I don't know what kind of break they make when it gets to be such a long drive. I been wondering about this also as my drives a half mile from the road and the potholes get old
  6. ConstSvcs

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    Best if you install at 2.5" binder compacted to 2" then 2.5" driveway mix compacted to 2" for a total of 4" compacted. Heaver on the binder depending on traffic weight loads.

    1 ton covers 90 sq.ft at layed thickness of 2.5" compacted to 2"

    so...1320'x12'=15840/90=176 t x two layers=352 t x $120 per tn.+/- = $ 42,240

    Paver box, double drum vib roller, rakes, pump sprayer, 4 men.....sure if you don't mind sitting on a paving box and you own a vib roller ar can rent on locally ........sure.

    I would get a price from a local paver and offer materials by check, labor by cash and by them all lunch. Then you won't take a hit on reselling the box........unless you want to do the "hands on" thing with the paving.

    You sure would get the hang of the box adjustments half way through the binder......for sure!

    Don't even thing of laying and compacting that drive in a single layer! That would be a HUGE mistake on your part!:nono::nono:

    Oh.......I know you're thinking of asphalt at $ 45 per ton but I think that is way off ....unless you already have a quote for that price. I know I just paid $110/ ton for a driveway apron that I just paved in November. That price was picked up at the plant.
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    MOREDIRT LawnSite Member
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    It is about 60 a ton here I have thought about doing the same thing but concrete is not much more and can be poured in sections and it will hold up better and increase your property value.
  8. curtisfarmer

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    $60+/- round these parts.....local paving contracters are jonesing bad and offering lower costs on the install.....but the price per ton remains the same.
  9. salopez

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    I was just quoted 50 a ton picked up in Reston Va.
  10. Gravel Rat

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    I agree concrete is the way to go and its easier to work with. You don't even need it to be solid across two strips for the tires to ride on and compacted gravel inbetween.

    Maybe your guys asphalt plants are different in the USA in this area there is one paving company they own the asphalt plant and they do not sell asphalt to anybody else.

    Most people have gone to concrete it looks nicer and any concrete placing companies do driveways. The only problem is concrete is classed as perminant so it makes your property tax increase. Asphalt isn't classed as perminant so it doesn't effect your taxes.

    Asphalt used on driveways is usually thin so if you have a heavy truck drive on it you can have damage if the driveway is warm. Say the stove oil delevery or propane truck delivers product to your house the truck can do some damage. Even in the summer time having a load of topsoil delivered with a tandem axle dump that is worse. Hot asphalt heavy truck most truck drivers refuse to drive over the driveway.

    Do do a concrete driveway 10 feet wide and 1/4 mile long which many driveways are around here would be 20,000 dollars. That would be for a existing driveway that has been gravel and all the prep that has to be done is graded and formed.

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