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Pawtucket RI-military family in need of help

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenCare for Troops, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. GreenCare for Troops

    GreenCare for Troops LawnSite Member
    Messages: 38

    Looking for non-profit assistance for a military family member who needs lawn mowing until June 1. Health issues keeps our military family member from physical activity until June 1. Even though it may not be time for mowing ...trying to line something up now....very important !

    Project EverGreen's GreenCare for Troops was called upon by military assistance. I know most of you know about our mission, those that are unfamiliar, please visit our website www.projectevergreen.com/gcft or call me toll free 888-611-2955 or joywestenberg@projectevergreen.com

    I apologize for my interruption to this forum and thank you for your time and attention.

    Blessings. Joy.
  2. GreenI.A.

    GreenI.A. LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,131

    Joy, I know a number of companies in a neighboring city just over the MA line, I will shoot off some emails to them and see what help I can find. No promises, I don't know if any of them cross into RI, but I will do my best

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