Pay for Flier Passing???????


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How much should I offer as pay for passing Fliers???

I have Door Hangers that can be slipped over the rural mail box flag while still sitting in the car. Most areas Are low traffic back roads. I have 5,000 fliers to start with.

What I am thinking is piece work. Of course I want it as cheap as possible with out having the flier just thrown away. I am thinking $ 0.10 per flier with a $ 10 bonus for every close I get. The $ 10.00 bonus is a must in my mind along with a strong sales pitch of how much money they can make on the back end for a job well done. I am thinking this might be a on going program.

I am hoping on passing only a thousand Fliers a week. But doing it every week. The Idea is to not get TOO many calls at once. My marketing plan is for Pest Control in general and Heavy Fire Ant control and no lawn care. This is a year round Market here in Florida and very competitive.

I hope to kick this off at the start of 2012 and will advertise for someone on Craigslist. All my friends etc are either working, don't want to work or I wouldn't hire them.

Please any and all feed back good or bad



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If you will be paying someone to do it who isn't a trusted employee then I think the $10 incentive is a great idea. I'm sure there are still plenty of guys who will figure they can just throw them away and get the $100 a week for a few weeks before you catch on. I'm sure you'll give them a map with the streets you want them to hit, I would randomly check some of the streets, chances are all the homeowners wont pull theirs off right away and you will know if they were ever hung or not.

The only concearn I would have is how is the post office in those towns? Some of the towns up here will remove anything in the box or hanging on the box as it is illegal to do so.