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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A-1 LAWN, Jun 2, 2011.

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    What feel good story do you have?
    My neighbors are an elderly couple.he has always been on the go.he push mows his lawn!! 10 min rest 30 min?? I have tried to mow his lawn the last three years!! Free~ he just doesnt need to be out there!! He recently has had health issues,so again i told him i would take care of it."i can do it!" he said.then i think reality sat in.he thanked me and told me he didnt know how he could pay me! I simply told him not to worry about it!!

    I felt i was doing my good deed for the day,once aweek now! But in return she has gotten me 4 new accounts! He has always had a very well kept lawn,so i take my time,so he can still be proud of his lawn.takes me about 45 minutes.but it does make me feel good!!. I have had my own health issues,so I realize the position they are in!! sorry for the long story guys!!
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    I think there may be some people on here who will tell you that you are "stupid" for doing this, but I think its great that you are helping out your neighbors.
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    I mow my daughters pre school for free. Its all volunteer from the teachers to the lawn care. They get to go on field trips and learn to use computers! Its a great way to network and meet other parents.
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    I have always had trouble with my phones. I'm bad about dropping them and they always end up filled with dirt from the screen to the buttons. The phone I have now is in particularly bad shape but I have been suffering through it waiting for my insurance to kick back in so I can use that to get a new one.

    Anyway, about three weeks ago I get out of the truck to mow a lawn and what do I see? An iphone that is practically new with the exception of a couple of scratches from the drunk guy who probably dropped it leaving a party. The woman who's yard it was in was very elderly and I doubted it to be hers because of the giant 4x4 on the screen saver. My helpers were there and they almost rejoiced that I could keep it and not be cursing my phone all the time. One of the guys said he knew someone that would change it over to my # for $50. I thought about how nice it would be to have an iphone for $50 then decided against it.

    I called the first # on the missed call list and it turned out to be the guys cousin. Gave him my phone # and told him to have the guy call me. He did and he came and picked up the phone. He confessed he had been a little wasted the night before. The cool part is he gave me a $25 gift card to Chili's for giving it back. I may not have gotten a new phone, but I did get to take my girlfriend out for a decent dinner for free!

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    I picked up an account a few years ago when I was cutting a customers house and noticed the next door neighbor moving in. I approached them and introduced myself and offered to cut their lawn for free seing as though it had not been cut in a few weeks because the house was vacant and until their mower was found in the moving truck. The new owners were so impressed that I would do that for them that the next week they hired me and have kept me busy ever since. Even if they never hired me it would have been the right thing to do.
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    good on ya!!!!
  7. jfoxtrot9

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    You reap what you sow. Those are some good seeds!:)
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    good deeds, always worth it.

    we have done this on occasion in the past for some folks, and it only got us more work in the end even though we were doing the mowing for free
  9. Will P.C.

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    This is a great thing to do, but an even greater way to get a new customer. They are probably upgrading and do not have the proper lawn equipment to take care of the yard. You come along and do a great job for free. 2 weeks from now they are still busy settling in and they call you up to mow.
  10. johnny_boy02

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    I REALLY underbid a older ladies yard because I knew she couldn't afford much and the neighborhood kids she was having do work were doing half a$$ jobs. It took me 2 months of a couple hours here and a couple hours there to get it up to looking decent, she complains about every little thing, forgets things we discuss and constantly interrupts my work just to chat. But I feel good when I leave there and now that the bulk of the work is done I wont have to invest much time to keep the yard up.

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