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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by seabee24, Apr 10, 2013.

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    I bet if you posted an ad for a semi-skilled laborer for $16 an hour your phone would be ringing off the hook. You're right that $16 PH is what a lead guy should be making, someone with leadership and a good skillset. His attitude reminds me of an 18 - 25 YO laborer with no skills (though they know it all ;) .) Not a 53 YO who by all rights for his wage should take a burden off of your shoulders, not add to it.
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    Not to jack this thread but I am in the same boat. I personally would go hire someone for $11 or $12 that can do the same job.
  3. Stillwater

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    Time for a new guy
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  4. seabee24

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    I wasn't really planning on getting a new guy? I'd like to retain him. His attitude is normally pretty good and he doesn't cause problems. But if your not making money, it wouldn't make sense to give a raise.

    So what about a bonus? I'm ok paying him or anyone else more, provided they were making money.
  5. PROCUT1

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    Hes a cancer. Had many like him. Must go
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    I have no idea why I'm still reading this. To summarize in no particular order;
    1) insubordination in front of the crew. Deal breaker.
    2) doesn't complete paper work. Deal breaker.
    3) unprofitable. deal breaker.
    4) lied about license. Deal breaker.

    Must be a helluva laborer. At best, that's what your describing. With the above, we would be discussing retention, not a raise or a bonus. I still say gone. But since he seems to have some sort of leverage over you (compromising photos?) maybe offer a bonus based on crew profitability? If he wants to earn more money, he has to produce. Again, if he can't complete paperwork with a break even crew and work load what do you expect in a good season? Why should he improve if you give raises and bonuses for poor performance?
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    My guys know they are lucky to even make what I pay them there will be no raises this year. I have had no luck with old guys, 53 is old for anything other than an owner. 25-30 is my favorite age group for workers I want speed and you don't get quicker with age. Now I do pay my laborers better than 16 but it because of where I am and that's the cost if you don't want to hire 10 people a year for one position.

    But even if your were going to give him a raise wtf is this 2 dollar raise crap. Were in year 6 of a recession/imaginary recover and true unemployment is 15-19%. 25-50 cents would be all I would entertain atm. The trouble with 1-2 dollar raises is hes at 14 so at that rate in 3-4 years he could be at 20 and that would price him out of a job. Perhaps you need a chat of what he is worth because he sounds like he needs a reality check.
  8. seabee24

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    Lol. Well there is no comprising photos. What he does have on me is that he is the best worker we have. He completes his tasks and doesn't bring drama to work like some of the younger guys. He doesn't move 100% fast, but he knows all the tricks to get it done with less effort.

    Over the winter he would take the snow blower home, drive his personal truck job to job ( with fuel/mileage paid) if you told him be at a certain place at 2:00 am, never a doubt in my mind he wasn't there.

    I'd say what he has over me is a constant work flow. It's like betting on the horse that comes in third. He never wins, but never looses. The work he completes does pay his share of the overhead. It just doesn't go beyond that.

    Replacing him could be taking a risk on someone that is less dependable an I already have enough of those employees
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  9. Amani

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    I think you allowing him to dictate the terms has created a monster for yourself. No amount you pay this guys will make him satisfied, he will keep asking for more. "You give a cat a cookie next thing you know it will ask you for a glass of milk"
  10. Somerville Sensation

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    I agree with above. What am i missing here? There must be something slde going on. Is this guy your brother inlaw or something? From where i stand, looks like you'r'e doing him a favor by not kicking his butt to the curb, let alone contenplating a raise!!!. It's simple, he can't cut it at 14 an hour. He's not getting 16 an hour.

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