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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by South Florida Lawns, Mar 17, 2010.

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    Alright so there is a local handy man in my town, lets just say me and him don't see eye to eye. Mostly cuz he cuts corners and I call him out on it all the time.

    Well one of my customers hired him to put some pavers in around a pool and do a small retaining wall. So today I get over there to mow and see the job for the first time. I was shocked, it honestly looks like they were drunk or something. The patio is not even close to level and they used only sand for a base. On the wall, well lets just say its about 6ft high stack of castle block with dirt on the back side no drainage no base.

    Now I'm no expert on on pavers and what not, but come on these people paid good money and got a hack job.

    I really wanna get these guys nailed for the crappy work that they do, its just really bad and needs to stop.
  2. DVS Hardscaper

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    you need to focus on your family, health and happyness. those are what matter most.

    if the client has a problem - they'll fight their own battles.....
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    you need to post pics...
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    I realized a long time ago that it's not worth worrying about the hacks of the industry, and then I started a brick maintenance business. Great profits, low overhead!
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    Yeah I guess its really not my problem. I'm not sure if I should let the customer know about the problems that will arise once rain sets in over time. They are so happy with everything, maybe they got a really good deal and saved some money, at least for a while.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Unless the customer asks for your opinion / advice / thoughts - keep your mouth shut.

    Let me put it this way: I always say business is no different than personal romance relationships.

    If you don't like your buddy's g/f - we all know it's best to keep our thoughts about her to ourself.

    Same goes for business. If the client approaches you - it's ok to point out some observations. if they DON'T approach you - carry on with your life.

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    You are absolutely right. I am doing some landscaping for a client and they have a fence company out doing a vinyl fence with natural stone columns and an outdoor chimney. I am no stone mason, but I have a certain amount of respect for contractors that can "fit" natural stone. I have done an entrance for myself at my shop just to experience working with the stuff and it is probably looks like a masterpiece compared to what this joker is doing. This guy was not even using the "face" of the stone to make the columns... just kinda throwing it in there and no strings for the corners. I really hate seeing this client spend 20k on a fence and chimney and it look like crap.

    But if I mention "anything" I risk ALOT. One day I will be to the point where I don't give a sh!t and inform the client. Not there yet.

    Although, I really try to represent my CLIENT'S best interest at all times even if it mean me losing a job or making less. After having subs rip me off left and right, I really have respect for someone that is looking out for me. If I were true to my belief, wouldn't I let them know?? I think the real risk is damaging the client's ego. If they have established some sort of trust with the other contractor, then you are undermining there ability to make correct decisions and furthermore their ability to establish correct and trustworthy relationships.
  8. Darryl G

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    I had a similar thing happen to me. I took on a few lawn years ago..brand new house but they went way way over budget building it due to site prep problems and wetland issues so they had to leave the beds bare. They knew I was interested in doing the plantings when the time came, but they hired someone else without even giving me a chance on it. The thing is, the guy did a horrible job...a lot of the plants were touching the house as soon as he installed them, he put in belgian block edging but used the small blocks and set them level with the turf. But the customer was just delighted with his work. I just bite my lip and mow the lawn...pain in the tail trimming against flush installed belgian blocks though.
  9. kootoomootoo

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    i turned up at one house to quote something and pointed out the obvious flaws in the patio construction while I was there...led to getting paid to tear out the 6mth old patio
    and doing a complete redesign.....also got the house across the road.

    50k in work.....for what was originally seeding a small area.
  10. becpropertymaint.

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    just keep quiet he will ruing himself

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