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    Ok guy/gals I want to hear about some good legal paybacks the kind that make you feel all warm and tingly inside? I did one today that made me feel great. I had a call from some young woman in June for a lawn install. She called from work and left the # on the machine I call her back and get a switchboard operator that give me her ext. and a bunch of other crap. Anyway I call and make an appointment to meet with her and her husband after they got off work. I have to drive 30 freaking miles 1 way to get there, I show up right on time not a minute late, both cars are in the garage with the door open so I figure they just got home. I go to the front door and its open all the windows are open, I knock and no one comes to the door and I don't hear anyone. I decided they were either changing clothes, doing the wild thing or were outside in the back. I walk around back and know ones there except another contractor thats doing the neighbors & there lawn prep. I walk back and ring the bell and knock to the point that I afraid I'll break the door if I knock any harder and I keep it up, finally I'm leaving and I hear the woman tell her husband "it took him long enough to get the message that we got someone else" So I go back and yell through the door and thanks for the call letting me know you got someone else, just wanted them to know I heard, I guess. Well today I gotta be in that neighborhood so I look up her # call the switchboard and tell then to give miss smart azz a message that she needs to come home immediately because of an emergency and I hang up. It took me about an hr. before I got over that way. I go past her house and SHE THERE so I stop and introduce myself and informed her that I was there to give her an estimate for a lawn install as she requested. She just looks at me like I'm stupid and informs me they already have a lawn and she did'nt call for an estimate for one and that she could'nt talk because she has an emergency:D That when I informed her that the emergency was I would not be back in the neighbor hood for a few more months and did not want her to miss me since I made the drive to give her an estimate at her request. AT THAT VERY MINUTE SHE KNEW WHO I WAS AND WHAT JUST HAPPENED;) I WAS FLIPPED OFF AND CUSSED WITH EVERY WORD YOU COULD IMAGINE as I laughed my way back to my truck. I was still laughing and she was still cussing me as I drove away:laugh: :laugh: paybacks you gotta love them
    So lets hear some others?

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    Mac, its funny, but dont you care about your reputation? That lady is going to tell everyone she meets about how big of a Dbag you were. As ive said before, burning some bridges is inevitable, but to consciously burn them is stupid. After a while of burning them, you will have nowhere to go.
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    excellent---i will have to remember that one...i cannot think of any paybacks right now...i am sure that i will need to do some "paybacks;) " down the road...good story...wish i could have seen the look on her face...
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    the one thing that I didn't approve of what you did, was call her place of work and tell her that there is an emergency.

    I will tell you one thing, if someone did that to me (expecting that there was an emergency such as a fire, death, etc.) I would press charges against them. Expect to hear from her again though.
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    That is a great one. I'm sure you felt better about getting her back. I hope you told her that you were just returning the favor.

    I also hope you showed professionalism by telling her to have a Nice Day.

    Thanks for the laugh.
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    Mac, I did the install on her other neighbor and 4 houses across the street. these people move in & out so fast that she can't hurt me. and Tiedeman your right it was the wrong thing to do! but if you have time to call for estimates from work then I guess I felt she deserved it after I made the drive they could not even come to the door and tell me they hired someone else I take it back it was not wrong it was payback
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    You know what they say.."Payback's a bit*h"..LMAO:D
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    thats a good one! as far as sueing him? she would need to dream up, and add alot to her story to prove he did anything wrong. sorry judge, i just met with her per her request, i don't know about any emergency. just tring to sell landscape, i'm to bussy for silly games, and i sure wouldn't drive 30 miles to play a joke!!!
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    Sweet !!!! Sweet !!!! Sweet !!!!
    They want to act like a Azz, They will be treated like wise!
    Who knows maybe the neighbors already have her number

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