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    First of all I am an irrigation tech. for a very small business (4 employees, summer) My boss is also a friend I have known for years before I started working for him. My biggest problem is how to get paid, he always tells me that he is waiting on a check so he can give me some money. I don't make much at 11 an hour, no benefits. I have tried to be flexible and understand that commercial work takes time to get paid. But now he owes me $2300 plus gas, because I front gas for our sprinkler van, plus misc costs, oil, parts, etc. Most of his problems are brought on by himself trying to manage everything and nothing. I don't want to burn a bridge and lose a friend or lose my job, while I wait to hear back on another job because I already know its time to move on, but he needs to take care of us (employees). Its funny because one time he strung me out on paychecks for 5 weeks and I finally told him to get me a check or I was going to L & I. I tried to help him with his business organization, we implemented a work order form to help keep track of time and materials. I'm at wits end and to top it off he like to talk trash about the competition or tell me he had employees come back because things didn't work out with the competition. So what do you guys think is my best option? I don't want to ruin a friendship or lose my job until I get another one but this snowball of back pay has to end. Thanks, Corey.
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    People like you are called pigeons,

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    You've gotta get paid, stop working for him and tell him exactly why. The friend part is out the window already...

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    Come on Corey,
    He doesnt care about you at all, if he did you would be paid up to date without fail. I am not necessarily friends with the guys who work with me but i can tell you this. They are paid before me ALWAYS. And they are paid every week in full. Get whats yours.
    Good luck.
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    Wow, not only has he not paid you but you also had to front some of his business expenses??? You need to have a talk with him - just explain you have bills to pay too and need to be paid. Employees should be top priority - even if he has to borrow some money to pay you (if he has any credit). That's is crazy irresponsible of him - depends on how much you value the "friendship" but someone has to smarten him up.
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    pigeon? I'd say sucker. f this guy. you will never see your money. run run run. 20 years I have never missed or been late paying my employees! I have gone without, lived in a barn on ramen noodles before I would short an employee.
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    Ours guys get paid every Friday, no if, ands or buts.

    You need to forget the friendship and do whatever it takes to get Your $, ALL of it.
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    You are being scammed. There is no friendship in business, you are getting used. Get your money (if you can) and get away from that guy forever.
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    I agree with the others, he is abusing the situation. How are the other guys getting paid? Are they being strung out as well? or his he paying them on time? Are they also people he would could consider a friend? or are they just employees?

    As a business owner, there are times that funds get tight, and there is a set order in which you pay your bills, bassed on importance. First paid is always your EMMPLOYEES, then come vendors, banks, taxes based on importance and who will cut you off first. Then if you have funds left owner you pay your self. Also there is no reason you should be regularly paying for anything for the business. On occasion my guys may need to grab something that they can't get from a nearby vendor who I have a credit line with, such as if they need to run into homedepot. For this, each truck has an envelope with $100 in the glovebox. If the guys need to grab something more expensive, and the only option is for them to grab it right then, then I will give them cash or a check that afternoon, the next day at the latest.

    If I was in your shoes I would start looking for another job, one with a reputable company. If you are a good irrigation tech then you should be able to find work. Once you find a new job, let him know if you do not receive full pay plus re-imbursement you will go to the state.
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    My boss isn't living the high life and always tells me he pays employees before himself. The other employees are in the same situation and I asked him why don't you get a line of credit like other businesses do to make paydays more predictable and he said he doesn't want to be in debt and I said so make sure you don't. Apparently I am supposed to get paid soon . . . heard that before, he has $18,000 in accounts receivable. I told him straight up today that I will not keep fronting gas for business use and MY TOOLS are coming out of the van, which means we don't have any pump pliers, cresents or a decent screw driver let alone a multimeter or wire strippers. I have tried everything I have thought of to try and make things run smoother for him on my end and to no avail, just put in another 10 hr. day for him. I'm not perfect I try to address the problems, interface with customers, problem solve and manage my other co workers, not doing too bad for being 20. Thanks, everyone.

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