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  1. knox gsl

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    If you're providing tools and dependable then you should be getting more than $11/hour. I pay my trimming guy $10 and all he has to do is show up and work. He gets paid every Thursday afternoon.
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  2. cjohn2000

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    The only reason I started bringing my tools is so I can do my job.
  3. TriCountyLawn

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    Is this a joke ? I would look around and see what has equal value to what he owes you and keep it till you get paid. And get ur damm tools out of his van.

    I mean come on...
  4. cjohn2000

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    Well it would have been $3000 but I traded $700 of pay for a truck. Oh and I have his van at my place since I use it everyday.
  5. agrostis

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    It sound's like you are making excuses and trying to justify the way you are getting treated. You are being used, you need to realize that. Stop this cycle of behavior now or it might continue your whole life.
  6. White Gardens

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    100 bucks says he can't get a line of credit even if he wanted to.

    Run, quit being used and sue his butt until you get your money. You might be under the threshold still for small claims court.

  7. MR-G

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    In 25yrs we have never not been able to pay our help in full each week...we do pay a week behind though and that gives us time to collect from clients for work we do..but we always pay in full unless some type of agreement is made BEFORE anyone does any work...(we do work for some companies that take up to 60 days to pay for larger projects) these projects are usually extra $ for my guys and not part of their regular pay...we normally give 1/2 when job is done and balance when we get paid..nobody has ever complained about it and they always welcome the extra money....
  8. Tyler259

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    Get the money your owed and start working for yourself.

    No excuses play like a champion.
  9. Darryl G

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    In my state you have to pay your employees within 8 days of the close of the pay period.

    I would demand payment of both wages and expenses in a timely manner! You're an employee, not a bank!!!!
  10. Ethan51

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    I am 16 and I have been hiring people for the past 2 years and I have never missed payday. This guy sounds irresponsible and is every bit a thief. Sue his butt for every penny.

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