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    Gotta agree. As an owner, I'm the last one paid. I've had plenty of friends work with me in the past and I go without eating to make sure they're paid on time, everytime. Sounds like your "friend" needs to learn how to properly run a business or close shop.
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    It sounds like his friend is already on the fast track to closing shop. Employees are ALWAYS paid first, if he can't pay the first bill in the stack, do you think he's paying the ones below it?
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    If you are a friend then you should know what he spends all his money on. Irrigation work makes great profit and at your labor rate, this guy is raking in the money if he is billing correctly.

    I would guess.... Drug problem. But you should know since your his friend.

    Maybe you should take your $2300.00 and invest it in your own irrigation business. Never talk trash though, bad character.
  4. cjohn2000

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    Easier, found a better paying job.
  5. cjmoore82

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    READ my thread from seven years ago
    Same situation
    -worked for a friend
    -used my own truck and money to get his business going.
    -at one point he owed me 15k
    -friendship was my top priority ( i was dum)
    -I grew his business to over 150 clients.
    -I went weeks without pay or less pay
    -My bills were late,his bills were on time
    -I paid interest on loans,he paid off loans.
    -Stopped working for him
    -money was tight
    -it took him five years to pay me back
    -any other job was better than working for free
    Current situation:
    -I figured if I can run his business and make him in a better situation,why not do it for myself
    -I have a profitable business now
    -my employee gets paid before I make my own mortgage payment
    -My business outgrew my friend's business
    -my friend's employees are complaining about work with no pay
    THE IRONY is me and that guy are still friends.
  7. cjohn2000

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    Well it was his van, I was just fronting gas money for it since it also stayed at my place at night and on the weekends when it wasn't needed. He is in a worse financial situation then any of his, now three employees soon to be two and then one, maybe none. I was getting enough money to get by and was searching for a new job. Don't quit the one you have until you get a new one. The friend situation didn't help. His philosophy on a business is that you can run a business entirely on money in hand and not credit. We will most likely be friends after he pays me :realmad::wall. I will not however do any more work for him in the future, I don't care what it is, I have a new job that keeps me more than busy, and pays on time. The only situation I am going to run into at tax time is payroll taxes on money received that wasn't technically payroll. For example, he owes me 2k, and 350 is misc. expenses (gas oil parts) for his business. I have no pay stubs or receipts or time cards but come tax season if he tries to pull something I will turn him in, I did him a favor for not turning him in on two different occasions when I should have.

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