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Ok guys lets say that you have a $5,000 dollar landscaping job, what would you pay 2 guys to help you do it if it is going to take you 8 hours. I am thinking an hourly rate, well my best friend is thinking maybe a percentage, so I want yalls opinion, obviously my profit will be $2,500 so do the math from there and let me know some opinions. Thanks

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That's the bad thing about dealing with best friends, they always want to be part owner and get a percentage of the profit, that is until there is no profit and then they want the hourly. I make it a practice to never deal with friends, and I don't let people know what I am going to make on a job. Offer the prevailing wage, buy lunch, and try and keep from including friends on future jobs.


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I agree with turf medic...I would pay a hourly fair wage (probably at the top end of the local wage rates). Remember it is your reputation on the line, your trucks and tools being used, your marketing/landscaping expertise that sold the job, etc.


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base it on thier salary at thier full time job. hourly is only for continual employment. say the scmucks make $125 a day at thier job. give them $200 for a suturday, they'll be thrilled. never ever tell what you're charging

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