Paying off loan during winter

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I'm 16, and i'm getting ready to buy a vehichle which i'm going to have to take a loan out on...and i am trying to get some ideas on how i'm going to be able to pay the loan in the months when i'm really not making any money, i'm thinking its gunna be about a 190 dollars a month for my payments, please submit ideas on keeping up with then payments


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Try to get your customers on a yearly aggreement. Take the total cost and divide by twelve to give them a fixed monthly price.<p>EXAMPLE: $30 per visit.<br> 30 visits per year.<br> $900 total yearly cost to customer<br> 900/12=$75 per month


Work your butt off in the summer and save your money to make your payments in the winter. <p>Yea I know it's hard to save money but if you want to take 3 or 4 months off in the winter Use that as your motivation to save.<br> <br>It's worked for me now for several years<p>I do plow snow in the winter but I don't plan on getting any, so what little we get is gravy.


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All seasonal businesses have to charge enough money on each job to get them through the off season. Yea I agree you have to sacrifice your spring and summer to make it through the winter and through droughts. Same with contracts. You need to charge top dollar if you have a high overhead to meet your monthly bills and put money into savings and pay yourself. You can't compare being self employed like you would being in a factory working 12 month out of the year. You may make 35$ hr working this job. But depending on the weather you may only work 9 months out of the year.

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