Paying sales tax on excavator

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by vntgrcr, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I didn't want to complicate the "demo'd excavator" thread but I have found a Kubota 161 at a dealer in New Hampshire. But here is the deal, there is no sales tax in in NH, but 5% here in Mass. They won't charge me tax, but to cover themselves, say that I am responsible for it, which I accept. But my question is, since you don't register equip. with the state, how or when do you pay the sales tax? Thanks
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    It happens when you get audited like we did. The state of Idaho came by one day to check to see that we were paying use tax and to be sure that we have paid sales tax on our equpment. Like you we have a state close by that does not have sales tax. For us it is Montana and it is quite tempting. Do what you will of course but those tax geeks do come around.
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    They nail ya when you use it as a right off and they audit you.


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