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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by vntgrcr, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I didn't want to complicate the "demo'd excavator" thread but I have found a Kubota 161 at a dealer in New Hampshire. But here is the deal, there is no sales tax in in NH, but 5% here in Mass. They won't charge me tax, but to cover themselves, say that I am responsible for it, which I accept. But my question is, since you don't register equip. with the state, how or when do you pay the sales tax? Thanks
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    In the state of Georgia, if you buy a used piece of equipment from an "individual' there is NO tax on the transaction. However, I you buy a used piece of equipment from a retail business then the retail business will charge tax.

    All Pro Greens
  3. Fvstringpicker

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    You may try having it shipped in via interstate commerce. State law sometimes exempts property shipped by interstate commerce. Hence, there is no sales tax on interstate shipment of goods sold over ebay.

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    i live in pa 6% sales tax i buy things in Delaware where there is no sales tax
    i dont then pay pa any tax so if u buy something out of state and they dont charge u tax dont worry about it
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    You might not worry about it untill the state does a sales tax audit, what fun that is.
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    Even if you go pick the equipment up, have the dealer work the paperwork that you pay the same, but you were charged for $500 in frieght, so it looks like you had it shipped in.

    Just like if you were to go to an auction here in MN, there's no sales tax.

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