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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ARGOS, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. ARGOS

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    I was talking to another Property/Landscape Maintenance company in my area and found that they do not pay their employees for travel time "from" jobs only "to" jobs. I did not check the legality of this practice.

    I pay my employees when they arrive at the yard and start preping for the day.

    Do any of you guys pay your crews a different rate for travel time?
  2. JB1

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    when they are in the truck they are getting paid, there are a lot of companies that don't pay or whatever else until a employee get upset and makes a phone call.
  3. Runner

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    Yes,..this is true. When they get to work, they are on the clock. This includes riding in the truck.
  4. MarcSmith

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    always paid travel time from the time they leave the shop to the time they get back.
  5. WhitakerServices

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    I pay from the moment we crank up on the first yard until we shut down on the last. I started doing it this way because I would have guys show up and want a biscuit or whatever and it was delaying our start to long. This way they push a little harder to get going. I also pay them through lunch and all drive time in between. It seems to work well. they wind up getting paid for about 2 hours everyday for lunch and drive time during the day.
  6. topsites

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    The only way I can see you getting around this is by using a commission-based scheme where they get paid a % of the job, but you'll have problems there with work getting rushed and regardless, you HAVE to pay minimum wage from the time they arrive until the leave, trips and lunch and all, not quite but basically.

    Now you might can exclude travel time IF you pay them good / hour AND they earn at least minimum wage from beginning to end, but unless you or a supervisor you trust is with them the entire time you just don't know the exact time lapses either...

    So me thinks those guys who say they don't pay for travel time are doing things different than $ / hour or they're not telling the whole truth or they're breaking the law, because any employee has to be paid at least minimum wage pretty much, you might can dock 30 minutes for lunch, that or you have to hire them as independent (sub) contractors...

    Then I would think you might end up with a leetle teenie bit of a worker shortage :laugh:
  7. rodfather

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    what...they use a stop watch???
  8. GreenT

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    I was just thinking the same thing.

    Seems like a huge can of worms to me.

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