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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tom-N-Texas, Oct 23, 2004.

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    Ok I've been in business for quite a few years. I've run a 3-4 man crew and always paid guys hourly. However my business is getting bigger all the time and I really need to branch off next spring with another truck and crew.

    My question is........and it's not that I don't TRUST them...but should these guys who go out on their own still make an hourly wage? It seems without the boss there that they may decide that working at an ultra-fast speed is no longer important. Does anyone have experience with paying crew leaders a percentage or paying by the job? Can this work? I'm not looking to actually pay them any more or less....I just don't care to pay for a lot of slacking off time. Theoretically this idea seems feesible....just curious if anyone has actually put into practice successfully.

    By the way I mostly cut smallish residential yards....usually 30-40 per day. Thanks in advance. Tom
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    Certain IRS rules come into effect when paying piecemeal. Its not worth it. In the end, the employees will win. I suggest using GPS locators in your vehicles to protect your wallet. Expensive to implement but they pay for themselves in no time. They are so good they give you time on site, windshield time, you can more effectively price your jobs. We use @road ( in 13 of our vehicles to track employee travel.

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