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Paying workers driving or riding time.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Kentucky
I was wondering how you guys pay your workers while driving or riding to the job site?
Do you allow employees drive company vehicles to and from work or use the vehicle for personal use after hours.


LawnSite Fanatic
st pete, FL
Your serious? Of course you pay people when they are at work. Do airline piolots just get paid for takeoff and landing.

Lance Takara

LawnSite Member
Kaneohe, Hawaii
I differ. Depends on how the original question is worded. Commute needs to be defined better.

If the employee is using a company vehicle (as a priviledge to use the vehicle outside of normal work hours) just to commute to the job at the start of the day, the time clock starts at the job site and continues to the end of the day.

If the employee started the day at the shop prepping materials adn/or equipment or doing tasks then commutes to the job site, the time clock starts at the shop and continues to the end of the day.

The key question to ask is when does that employee begin to do work for your company.

Generally speaking, no one get paid to commute to work. Time starts at the job, whatever that job may be.


LawnSite Senior Member
Brookings SD
The law on this is that drive time does not have to be paid for as long as the employee does no work before leaving the shop and no work after arriving back. If they have to help load they must be paid for commute to work, and if they help unload or anything of that nature when they return, they have to be paid for the commute home. And of course the driver must be paid.

I also beleive that you have to give them the option of getting to the job site by alternative means, if you are not paying for the commute.

Austreim Landscaping


LawnSite Bronze Member
Depends on which crews....

Maintenance crews get paid from the time they leave and return to the shop.

Construction crews .. foreman get paid when they leave the shop while the crew is given the option of meeting the foreman on-site. If they choose to leave from the shop (some do because of transportation issues) they get paid from when they start and finish work ON SITE. They are not expected to help load or unload the trucks.
If the construction site happens to be a long commute where we can't expect the crew to meet the foreman they are paid for the drive from the shop.