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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OH-grasshopperlover, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. OH-grasshopperlover

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    Here's some background on my situation...

    This is my 8th year in the LC Industry, mostly in Minnesota. I have had zero injuries (other than hornet stings) on the job. Never had an accident with the vehicles or ZTR's. Always on time, never call in sick. I have great attention to detail; trimming is as close to perfect as you can get, striping is perfectly straight, always make the drives/walk ways look like we were never there. I can repair most mechanical issues in the field. I can run a crew of up to 6 people or run solo. Can be trusted. In the winter, I have my own Bronco with Western Plow. Skilled in Landscaping. I also have a sales/mkting background.


    I moved to Ohio in December, called around to the local LCO's and hooked up with a small operation that is run by a hubby and wife. In the interview, it was understood that I would make $8/hr and 40% of profit for a couple weeks, then a raise after that. We were running 2 people, now I am solo with their equipment. I have aspirations of running my own LCO really soon. I never did get a raise even though I performed above their standards. Spent numerous hours on here (great advice guys!), marketing, ect. They keep promising me more money and giving me great compliments in front of clients and when traveling to job sites but when it comes to deserved compensation, they clam up.

    What should I do for next year???

    I can't continue to give them everything I have for $8/hr. The landscape jobs are few and far between but I make $18/hr avg. (based on profit). I have around $7k saved up for equipment, already have the truck w/plow.

    Should I move on and start my own company? Am I whining? How much would you pay someone with my abilities? I love working for the people that I'm with but, don't feel like I should be making $8/hr with my experience...

    Any comments? Suggestions???

    Thanks All!!!

  2. OH-grasshopperlover

    OH-grasshopperlover LawnSite Member
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    "it was understood that I would make $8/hr and 40% of profit for a couple weeks"

    The 40% is on landscaping jobs ONLY, not profit on lawn mowing...

    Sorry for the confusion
  3. The Ripper

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    If you lived around here I would pay you $10.00 an hour and gladly share i nthe profits for any landscape jobs that you brought in to the business. I also wouldn't have you out working by yourself (that is too boring even for a pro like you).
  4. OH-grasshopperlover

    OH-grasshopperlover LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for he feedback Ripper! I agree that $10/hr is about right for this market in this area. I was making $14/hr as a Foreman in MN...
  5. Turf Lady

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    Hey grasshopper, :waving:

    Send me an email !
  6. OH-grasshopperlover

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    I tried to email you, however, it states that you do not want emails from lawnsite. Send me one!
  7. grassman2001

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    I'm in southwest ohio, and with your experience it sounds like you could be in the $15 an hour range down here cause you would probably be a foreman. If it would be I would give you a kickback for every job that you brought to the company. Since you have your own plow truck, I would probably pay you as an indapendant contactor in the winter. As far as braching out on your own goes, I might start by plowing on your own this winter, and then do a massive adveritsing campaign in early spring to branch out on your own.
  8. Nathan 281

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    Sounds like you had a good record in MN why leave? what were you getting payed here?
  9. OH-grasshopperlover

    OH-grasshopperlover LawnSite Member
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    I was making $14/hr running a crew. I moved here to be with my now fiance! MN is where I would be planning on starting my new biz if I chose to follow that path. I already have a HOA on board for me if I come there. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate all of them...

    Chad :waving:
  10. OH-grasshopperlover

    OH-grasshopperlover LawnSite Member
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    Well, thanks for the few people that gave me feedback on this. It must be a sore subject with folks on here. I actually expected more, rip on me or whatever. Yes, I got job offers. I wanted advice! Thanks a TON to the people that responded, you know who you are. I will crawl back in my hole now and be an employee. When I own my own biz, I will be back to posting. Have a great fall ya'll! :pumpkin:

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