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nw. ct.
in the past few years ive heard alot of people say that they collect payment for mowing after the mowing is completed every week, how does that work? i bill monthly.do you wait till the home owner is home??? how do you get any work done??? im asking because, i have to wait 30 days to get paid and would like to get paid every week like some of you guys......


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grassyfras said:
Thats not a good way to do it. Sucks up to much time. I guess it would be good if you didn't think the people would pay you.
same as you, we don't have the time to collect from everyone. Billing can go from every 2 weeks to once a month. It all depends on how the client wants it.


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It works when they are old and always home. They hear you there, you finish and ring the doorbell. 5 seconds later you have the payment in your hand. If they are gone, they mail it. I have 2 customers like this, never missed payment in 3 years.


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So. New England
I'd rather not talk to my customers, unless they have another job for me. A few minutes here and there could add up to me doing one more lawn at the end of the day. I find once a month billing easier.

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Set your customers up with billing their Credit Card after each service visit. Get your money deposited in your bank within 48 hours after the service visit is completed. You can do this through Quickbooks. Do a search on CC billing. Cashflow is King and having a customer base that pays this way is far superior to monthly billing because you are not issuing credit, you solved the late payer problem etc.