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    I email most invoices ont he 1st of the month, due in 15-late fees after 30. The few that don't have email, I hand deliver on the first service of the next month.

    Be careful emailng invoices. I caught someone changing a snow invoice two years ago. Now I only sent a .pdf file. I gues I figure that if they have the $6000 version of Acrobat then they can afford to pay.
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    I invoice my customers monthly for all work performed the previous month. Example: April's work is due May 10, May's work is due June 10 and so forth. Invoices are done the 28TH day of the month.
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    I do fert and irrigation installs, different but somewhat simular for some parts.
    Some people who take the full fertilizer package tree/shrub and numerous pest add ons can easily be $2,500 and will often take a monthly billing divided up from when they start to the end of the year. monthly billing is billed out on the 30th with payment due by the 15th. I prefer email if the customer uses it regularly and include a link to online payment. For one time jobs such as an irrigation service payment is due at time of service if it is a new customer. If it is an existing customer then I leave an invoice which is due within 15 days
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    since im just starting out also next spring, im thinking invoices at least every 2 weeks to start off so i got some money in my pocket and take it from there. i dont plan on doing contracts and really dont want to go on beyond a month worth of work without being paid for the previous month. one house i did last summer owed me for about 3 weeks, well the guy went on "vacation" for a few months, i guess he forgot his phone at home because i left him plenty of phone calls and the house he had up for rent which i was doing is conveniently right in my neighborhood and caught him at his house as he was leaving one day... dont think he expected to see me at his car as he was trying to leave, sure had no problem covering me for the service and i sure did not bother asking him if he wanted me to come back next week.
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    HAHA thegreat. been there don that, thats when i was helping a neibor out. first week was fine, second wee, third and fourth he missed finnally one day i stayed up late as he worked nights stopped him before he went to the car the next day i had a envelope with cash tapped to the the front door. HAHA even got a 20 dollar late fee.
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    every two weeks should work for you being small. I get most on mine in around 15th so i usually dont schedule anywork for the afternoon the friday of that week. I then do all my bills that afternoon and hit the bank saturday morning
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    Invoice on the 1st due on 15th monthly billing. Customers like convenience and most people don't pay bills twice a month. When your small it's not much. When you reach 100+ accounts it is a considerable chunk of resources. Now the " I get a check every week" gang is going to wad their fruit o' the looms.
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    Twice a month would probably just be an annoyance to your clients imo
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    i collect monthly

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