Payroll Service


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Do you guys use a payroll service, I am a small operator (1-3 employees varying), but was wondering what some of your experiences were with them. Also how good a software package is QuickBooks? thanks


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northeast ,ohio
my father is an accountant and he does payroll for a few companies one of which is a landscaper

from the little bit i know its not really that expensive in the time that it saves you(much like a good mower)

of course he does all of the books for these clients too so thats why it my not be too expensive


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NE Ohio

First let me say that I'm an accountant, so you don't think that I'm blowing smoke.

Payroll services are fairly inexpensive, especially for a small number of employees.

The main advantage of a payroll service is that they do all of your quarterly returns. They keep a running tab of your weekly payroll also. All that you have to do is call in and tell them each employees hours and rate and they figure it all out for you. They are really great.

As for quickbooks. We are setting up a lot of our smaller clients up on QB 2000 or 2001. It is really a user friendly program that is very good for the small business owner who want's to take control of their business.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.