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Payroll Services Question(s)


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NW Michigan
I did a search on this and found some refferences to it, but I guess I just wanted some more specific information.

Mainly for the people that have used them or are using them, is it worth it?? What are some of the better ones? I have looked at a couple includeing ones like paychex. They offer a workmans comp item with theres if you want it. My question with that is, are they providing the workmans comp??? Of course price for the service is a concern.

I am a sole prop this year, and will probably go LLC next year if that matters at all. I only plan on hiring a max of 2 part time employees this year (1 definetly as I have picked up quite a few accounts for doing this part time myself). And I want to be completly legit, even if it hurts a little!!

Any information that I could get for these services would be appreciated very much.

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:D Hi,
We are a small family owned lawn & landscape company, been in business for 12 years and finally broke down and started hiring, 2 years now. To save costs initially on payroll services we started using PayCycle online services doing our own, but what is really good about their services you can offer direct deposit for your employees and to pay your payroll taxes, etc. Granted you have to do the work yourself but that only amounts to the time for initial setup and then inputing the hrs. Although they do not offer workers comp, not sure about the laws up in MI but we are not required her in Florida with just one full time employee. Check it out.

Regarding using a payroll service here in Florida it depends on what you are paying them, pay frequency, etc. What happens is that the employees actually then become employees of the service. Normally you have to pay the service before or when you get the payroll checks. Since these services have so many "employees" they are able to offer health coverage too.

I recommend shopping around to get the various service charges and requirements.

Good luck
Renee Krause
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NW Michigan
Thanks for the reply. I have also been told by the Michigan state office that I do not need workmans comp if I have 1 fullt ime employee OR 2 employees with 34 hours or less each as long as the employee fully understands that before hand (maybe something signed). BUT, I would still like to be covered "just incase".
The workmans comp issue is not that big of deal becasue if a payroll service provides it or not, I will still have it. Been reading (here on this site!) about all of the horor stories about not having it. To be honest, with this being my first year, I was going to "pay under the table", but after hearing everything on this site, I decided that it is not worth the risk.
So I take it by your reply that you found the service to be well worth it. A couple of sites that I have checked out so far don't seem to be too badly priced. Especially for saving me the time and hassle of having to do it.
I am actually planning for expansion. I already have enougth accounts that I SHOULD hire someone part time to help out while I am at my "regular" job, then I could do more at night and on Saturadays ( I will try not to bother customers on Sundays).
I am just really striving to be completely legit, and am looking for the easiest (most time effiecient) way to do it. I am already an EXTREMELY busy person. It is almost insane for me to start up this business with everything else I have going on. But if I am not busy, I end up just sitting around (alot of that lately has been here on this site!).
By the way, I have flyers up in stores, newspaper add out (actually only been out for a week), and all of my customers have come from just talking to people. I have a pretty good personality or at least it seams to work for me. I hope my quality of work and attention to detail will bring me more customers in the future (and I hope that be can instilled in my employees).
Anyway, sorry about the long reply to you. Thank you for your input.