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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mowmoney00, Jan 14, 2005.

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    If any of you guys are like me, payroll, taxes, forms, and the IRS is all a pain in the azz. I never endorse anything but I have to say that last year I was introduced to a great solution. I began using ADP last year around the second Quarter and its made my life so much more simple. They take care of all the weekly or bi-weekly payroll (sign sealed and delivered to my door). The Quarterly tax forms. All the state taxes and unemployment taxes. The year end forms, etc, etc...... All I have to do is turn in my hours by logging onto their website or they call me in the middle of the week (may be different for you) and they ask me my check date, week ending date, and all my employees weekly totals in hrs. Bammm the next day my account is drafted for all the taxes, payroll and fees are all taken out. Taxes are sent in weekly so there are never any problems with the IRS....they take care of everything. Not only do they do this, but the program i'm signed up on I have complete access to a HR dept. designed to answer ANY question that I have regarding employees. I even offer my employees FREE checking accounts and direct deposit through this system. I'm talking with them also because they can get me quotes on Workers Comp. They know exactly what your spending in payroll each year .. so they're will never be a year end audit and your prices will change as payroll changes so there's never a huge chunk to make up the difference. I don't know about your area, but TN is one of the worst places to have workers comp. It has everything to do with the frivolous lawsuits and the "Legal System" not putting a cap on what anyone can be sueded for, but that's a completely different story. :cry:

    Anyways, if you guys don't have ADP and you have more than 4 or 5 employees... this is a great service for you. This may sound like i'm advertising for them, but like I said they have made my life so much easier. Just my 2 cents :D
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    Well , there are not to many takers for this thread huh. I agree with you I got about 30 employees and ADP is the way to go. I see you are in Mboro, my cousin lives in Smyrna. Right behind the Walmart that is across from the Nissan plant. I think the subdivision is Williamsburg. When they moved there about 11 years ago there was nothing there. Now its pretty crowded. Her brother , also my cousin, owns a sports bar in Antioch called Ralphs.His brother -in -law , my other cousins husband was in that accident about 4 months ago tht killed himself and the other driver at Bell Rd and Mboro Rd.Okay I am just talking now.
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    To be honest with you Goose, I think everyone thought I was selling for ADP, but really I am just very happy with there service.

    Yeah, we've been in Murfreesboro for about 8 years and its grown beyond belief over that period. My brother-in-law works at Nissan and has for over 20 years (He helped build the place). When they moved to Smyrna they really didn't have anyplace to shop or look at it. Its amazing what one company can bring economically to an area.

    Sorry to hear about your cousins husband.

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    Do they offer WC insurance the first year you sign on, or do you have to be with them a year? I think it might be worth looking into for the mere fact there is no Audits to hassle with. Do you have a web address for ADP? PM me if you don't want to post it.
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    They offer WC as soon as your account is active and running. I've procrastinated in the bidding of their WC. The insurance rep told me yesterday that they don't do any audits because all their information that they need is already processed (yearly payroll), which is up to date every week. Hence, no audits on your payroll at the end or the beginning of the new year.

    Here's the website....I know alot of companies that use them. I didn't know until I started using them and I started asking around to some of my friends and local vendors

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