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  1. ltmarkb3

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    What is the percentage of gross income that you plan on spending for payroll.
  2. rusty_keg_3

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    Well, our payroll for two guys, just mowing is about 1/5 of what we bring in... But we only mow 1.25- 1.5 days a week.
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    In my operation (large) labor is right at 21% fuel is 8% Maintenance, Insurance (not WC, it's figured into payroll) depreciation and office expense is just over 10% which leaves a net of about 61%

    However, I have no debt so other than utilities, property taxes and insurance there's no office rent or mortgage and no debt service on equipment. Otherwise the "net" percentage would be much much lower.
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  5. snomaha

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    37% including compensation of officers.

    33% excluding officers.

    TJLANDS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Industry avg with a totally legit company is probably 33-35%.

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