PBI/Gordon Introduces New Trimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf Herbicide

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    Trimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf Herbicide was introduced by PBI/Gordon Corporation this fall. This new proprietary formulation contains MCPP, dicamba and two forms of 2,4-D: DEA (diethanolamine) and DMA (dimethylamine). The combination of these two forms of 2,4-D has a unique ability to resist crystallization for more complete plant absorption and is classified as a “mixed amine” by university researchers. The resulting four-way product provides an incredibly broad-spectrum of control.

    Trimec 1000 was developed for the golf and lawn care industries. “Another unique aspect of Trimec 1000 is its low odor, which means that weed-free turf can be accomplished without raising undue concerns from people passing by treated areas”, explains Doug Obermann, Product Manager for Gordon’s Professional Products. This characteristic is ideal for public areas such as parks, sports turf and residential lawns. “And with more active ingredients translocating down to the root, all major lawn weeds are controlled—even the most deep-rooted perennials,” says Obermann.

    Trimec 1000 can be used in most cool-season and warm-season turfgrass areas. State registrations are complete in 49 states (excluding Alaska). Trimec 1000 is the most recent addition to the trusted Gordon’s Trimec family of reliable broadleaf weed control options.

    PBI/Gordon Corporation is 100% employee-owned. The company has been in business for over 60 years. While the company focuses primarily on the development of professional turf and ornamental products, they also market agricultural specialty, consumer lawn and garden and animal health care products. For more information on PBI/Gordon, or their full line of professional turf and ornamental products, visit pbigordon.com or call 800.821.7925.
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    I am waiting for my sample as I type, should be a nice low odor, minimal odor product and at a great price also from what I seen and have been told!! :)

    Making $$$$$$$
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    Perhaps a good sign. I have heard that if any herbicide drys and crystalizes on the leaf surface--its done--absorbtion stops. (Even if only half of it was absorbed.)
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    Very true. That is why I am picky about what kind of surfactants I use with which herbicides. Here is a shocker for you. I do not use any silicone surfactants in my tank ever. But, but but those are the most expensive and top of of the line products. Silicone surfactants look good on paper, however, a know issue is making the spray dry extremely fast on leaves. In many cases, before absorption is complete. Surfactants with a high glycol content or MSO ******s drying and crystallization before absorption is complete. Sulfonylurea and triazine herbicides are especially sensitive to this because of their low solubility in water and inability to be formulated as a solvent based liquid.

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