PDA or Pocket PC?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Daren, Apr 4, 2001.

  1. Daren

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    Planning on purchasing either a PDA Or Pocket PC, Any suggestions? I want to be able to keep all of my accounts and notepad as well as Expense. Want something easy and fast to operate. A Palm would probably be sufficient, but lloking around the Pocket PDC's are not much more. Just want to buy whatever will last and not be outdated in a year or so. Do the Pocket PC's boot up quickly unlike home PC's? I want something that will be quick on the go, but I am a gadget freak and like to buy accessories and such. Any owners of either please reply. Thanks!!

  2. KirbysLawn

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    I love gadgets also and have tried both. I like the PDA for what I mainly use them for. I bought a HandSpring Prism ( http://www.handspring.com )color and it's great! Just go to Yahoo.com and type in "Palm Software" and see what you get! Plus if you use Lawn Monkey it puts your route sheets on the PDA.

    I've used several palmtops with Windows CE, I did not like it and found it useless. Also, do a search, this was discusses 6-7 months ago in detail.

  3. jrebeiro

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    Hey all,

    As a computer technician I can tell you it is personal preference as to what you choose.

    Here are some pro's of a Palm OS based PDA:

    Very long battery life.. up to 30-days
    Tons of apps... most of which are free
    User friendly

    Here are some pro's of a WindowsCE(PalmPC or PocketPC) based PDA:

    Full color screens
    Faster processor (100mHz+ on most compared to 8mHz on Palm)
    Easily upgradable
    More hardware options
    Familiar Windows Interface
    Cooler games
    Plays mp3's and videos right out of the box
    Tons of apps... go to tucows and hit pda
    Way more storage space than Palm (although the apps are larger on CE)

    Now you may be seeing tons of pro's for the CE device but there is a drawback. Due to the higher processor speeds and full color displays these puppies need to be recharged every night depending on usage.

    For either device you can get a GPS system as well as wireless modems to connect to a web based customer database (Thats what I plan on doing when I get a wireless modem).

    I have the casio e-100 which I love. I use it all the time on vacation to dial-up and get my email as well as play solitaire and listen to music while on the plane.

    The palm is great at what it does and if you dont need the music or videos or color (palm does make a color version but its not worth the price) then go for the palm. It is lighter, easier to use, and even at 8mHz it is fast. For what it does it dont need a fast processor which will just drain the battery.

    Also both units have whats called instant-on. That means once it is booted up (takes about 5-10 seconds) the first time it never needs to be rebooted unless of a crash and starts up instantly.

    Hope this helps you out a little bit.

  4. fdew

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    I just went through this choice. I chose the palm

    The palm uses a simple Operating System. It works every time. Programs are small and fast.
    I just looked at two that I have installed, one is 26 KB and the other is 52 KB.

    If you don’t like a program you just delete it. No fancy uninstall needed. No dlls ETC.

    In short, the Palm just works and works well.

    Windows CE? Well it is a windows operating system by Microsoft. I think that says enough.

    You can buy a Palm Vx with 8 meg of memory on ebay for about $300 new and it will hold your whole business. All phone numbers, all expenses, memos ETC Right out of the box it has a address and phone number program that can have a note linked to each name. This could contain all the info about that account (lawn size, charges, special tools needed, anything. It also has a expense program built in.

    One of the best features is the no hassle hot sync to your PC. Drop it in the cradle, push the button. That’s it. I’m not kidding.

  5. joshua

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    i went with the palm also, half of the programs i have on it make running my business so much easier. i make all my list of what i have to do for the upcoming day. i use the calander program to mark when i cut what or what i did, then print it out weekly. you won't go wrong with the palm,also buy the keyboard with it, you never know when you'll need it to make notes and all kinds of other stuff like that.
  6. Groundcover Solutions

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    Most of our guys (including me) have the palms they work great we can beam things back and fourth to each other and they are pretty tuff too(droped mine a few times) I would go with the palm!!
  7. Tweek your Palm with Word-to-Go document reader (the newest version Palm m-505 or somethin lie dat comes with Word-to-Go AND removeable storage, HAH,HAH CE). Once you boot up the Word-to-Go, make excel spreadsheet invoices for all bidness accounts,hotsync to Palm, and update the account on the spot! Take home, print up invoice, mail invoice,collect money,repeat process!

    For spreadsheet templates go here.

    Breakage/Ruf Boy problem? Buy your Palm from Comp USA and get their 'Breakage Plan'. You break it, they replace it, no questions. Its an expense, this is bidness. My Palm already paid for itself in way increased productivity 1st day outta da box.

    Love this geeky stuf.

  8. dhicks

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    I have both a Palm IIIxe and a Ipac (by Compaq) 3635.

    The Palm will do about everything including downloading e-mail and allow you to respond. I use it to track milage, entering customer data, associated LCB cost, eg, gas, parts, etc. Customer address and phone numbers. The data is easily backed up on to my home CPU in 20 seconds, and that includes adding new information.

    The Palm III cost me 149.00 and worth every penny. This model has an:
    Address Book
    TO DO List
    Date Book
    Expense Tracking
    E-Mail (Outlook or Outlook Express)
    Memo Pad and
    games and assorted utilities.

    If lost, stolen, no big deal. On the otherhand, the Compaq is $499.00. It is a real color pocket PC.

    It can do all the stuff above but I can edit both Word and Excel documents.

    Also included are MS. Internet Explorer.
    I can use it to capture voice memos, and I carry digital photos of properties that I maintain and show them to prospective customers. The color and picture resolution are great. The best feature is the GPS system (extra cost. I never get lost. I need a GPS because dad always said that I couldn't find my A. S. S. with both hands.

    I love both machines but if money is not a factor, go with the Compaq. If money is an object, or you just want to try a PDA, go with the Palm or ANY Handspring device. Handspring makes good stuff, too and uses the Palm OS.

    Like is better with 'em tha without.

  9. syzer

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    Thanks kirb, didnt think to search the lawn forum =).
  10. cpp

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    Have the IIIC bought from Amazon for $250 after coupon.
    When I map or play games (ha, gotta have some fun) Its great. Plus got the 99 dollar Palm pix and know have a color digital camera. Can download pictures fast, and look good!!

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