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Cape Cod, MA
I do not yet. I just saw something from Gopher about PDA software, but I have not checked it out yet.

Premo Services

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I don't have crews yet, but I do use the palm pilot with my schedule. I use QXpress from alocet and transfer the info to my pda. Works great. And best of all, no more mess of the notes stuck to dash, or wherev I would be able to see them. Works great for one time jobs or extra work that is scheduled.;)

Team Gopher

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Hi grasscuttersplus,

We will be coming out with our palm version software soon. One of the nice features of using the palm is that it will allow you to track your start and finish times faster. At the end of the day you can hotsync the data to your desktop so you don't need to manually transfer the information from your paper route sheets. Since time is money, the less time you spend administrating, the more time you can spend focusing on making money.