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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by 2menandamower, Jan 25, 2007.

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    How do you figure the amount of pea gravel to get. I have an area of 315sf (9x35) that a customer wants to put pea gravel on. I am thinking of 3 inches thick but how do I determine how many bags of pea gravel to buy??? I know my cost per bag but not sure how to calculate the number of bags.
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    If possible, you may want to look into buying it by the ton, will be much cheaper then buying it per bag, and much easier to work with and lay down....315 sq ft @ 3 inches would be around 4 tons....Man, thats about 4 to 5 hundred dollars buying it per bag, oppose to 4 tons @ 30 per ton...$120....JMO
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    Three inches deep will be a big mistake if it is to be used for a walk, seating area or other active surface. Put down a compactable material first. Then compact it and then put as thin a layer of pea stone over it as possible.

    Three inches of pea stone is like dragging through quicksand and it will fly all over the place.
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    Funny you say that...this idiot down the shore placed 6" of pea gravel down for his was fun watching him try to get his car out. We were all laughing at the dinner table.
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    Thanks for the insites guys. They are going to put it along one side of the house about 4 feet wide because the area stays too wet to mow or even keep the grass from growing. I am Going to put in a drain line off the gutter that will move the water aay from the house and to the edge of the gravel and down the back side of the hill. There will be no traffic on it at all except to do some plantings. Do you have any good ideas about plants or shrubs that will look good and work well with lots of water (or should i say moisture), and very little direct sun. Thanks for any help on this matter. I am meeting with them on Monday night to discuss the ptions for the lawn. i am also going to be bringing in about 14 yards of topsoil and then putting out 4 palletts of sod. Al together the job should be profitable for me.

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