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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wriken, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. wriken

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    I have a peco type collection system on a 60" ztr(will show pic of type) anyways I would like to know how if any differant they work on a 72", I guess what I'm asking is about the added volumn of what the bigger deck size would put out if there would be a clogging factor?

  2. Clogging will be a factor. Wider deck, more dischargable dibris.

    Drive a little slower.
  3. Flex-Deck

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    Is a peco Vac system like the John Deere power flow system where a double pulley runs a 4 bladed plastic fan that blows stuff up into the bags. - It sure looks like it from the picture

    I have run the power flow baggers JD puts out in the past - I quit bagging a few years ago, and the yards have never looked better, but back to the question - is the peco a company that makes baggers that are powered for a lot of different mowers?
  4. wriken

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    This is alot heavier duty than plastic, I think its 1/4" impeller,belt driven. I use it mainly for spring/fall leaf clean-up's, it holds 12 bushels. Yes peco make them to fit alot of differant mower's. Mine is like a peco, don't know if it is made by them or someone else, says Cub commercial on side tag. Probably MTD:)
  5. longviewlawncare

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    peco makes vac systems that use pony engines. The thing to worry about putting a bag system on 72" is hp. Will it turn the deck and bag system with no problems

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