Peco Vac for Leaf Cleanups

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TGK, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. TGK

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    Someone had mentioned to me that leaf cleanups would be a cinch with a Peco vac, on a 60 inch rider. Simply mow and suck up all of the leaves in early fall, and in late fall blow the beds onto the lawn, and do the same. Either dump in the woods or in the truck.
    Is this the simple miracle cure for leaf cleanup labor? Or is it too good to be true?

    Thanks everyone!
  2. rodfather

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    Ify ou are talking about a 'clamshell' type vac Chris, they sure are great. We have 3 of them on our Ferris Z's by a company called Hasty Vac. They all run with 6.5 hp Intek pony motors and have I believe 11 bushel rear containers.

    Pull up to the curb or woods, pull a lever, bump your sticks a little forward to get the stuff coming out and you're gone in seconds.
  3. helidriver

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    hey...I use a peco 7522LS. Its a 3 point hitch connection with 22 cu ft. capacity and clamshell style. Powered by a briggs and hooked to the tractor for electric starting. I love this machine. I have it hooked to my john deere 755 and I disconnect the loader and use the belly mower with this unit and it could suck up a large poodle! (The poodle incident was settled out of court). This unit also comes with a 20 ft. hose attachment to do curbside style pick ups and or walk the edges of a house or building and get all debris out.
    I have owned many leaf collection systems and the only one that rivals my peco is the goosen system with hydro dump. This is for large jobs but wow.
    I recommend you try a peco system. set up for long life and good design. No clogs and lots of power in the suction department. Wet or dry it does the job.
  4. LawnCareNoobie

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    I use a cyclone rake XL. Works wonders. Google it and you'll see for yourself what this thing is about.
  5. punt66

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    Thats how i do my cleanups with the fast vac from ferris.

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