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I have a Dixie Chopper. I am interested in purchasing a Peco Pro Twin 14, model 6114, or model 6414 with wheels. Is the 6hp Kohler engine/blower strong enough to obtain good results. How do the containers hold up. Is it easy to operate. Is the weight distribution alright, or is it top heavy. Is the additional weight a problem on hills? We plan to use it for cutting upper scale lawns, picking up after dethatching prior to re-seeding, and then for leaves in the fall. I understand that you can also use a long hose to reach into beds for clean up. Has anyone had experience with that? If the hose is long, does it have enough power to pull material through.<p>Thanks for your comments.<p>JJC

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I can't believe I missed this post. It was way at the end so it looks like I caught it just in time. One word for Peco baggers, TERRIBLE! We bought 2 John Deere Mid Z-Tracks this year and J.Deere recommended this baggers. I have had trouble with them everday since I've owned them. My next step is to just send them back. They are designed terribly and are WAY to expensive for as bad as they are. If anyone has a beef with that especially &quot;PECO&quot; I would love to debate you all day long and I guarantee I would win. Bottom line, this forum is to help and by telling anyone to not buy one of these baggers is helping!

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